TW 1801 2 in 1 stun gun

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•Brand:Defensive Gadgets
•2 in 1 stun gun with panic Alarm.
•Especialy for women
• Unique BMW design.
•Usa as a key chain.
•Output power: 100,000 volts (100 Kv)
•Material: ABS coating .
•Safety: safety ON / OFF lever on the back •prevents accidental discharges.
•Light: white LED
•Sound alarm: 120 decibels
Length: 8.6×4.8×2.5 cm
Weight: 52 gr

•Powerful electric taser with shock best Gadget for self defense especially for women.
•Easy to carry and use with rechargeable batteries and led light.
•we also offer 6 months warranty.( Terms and conditions apply).
•most effective areas to stun on an attacker are upper thigh area ,buttock , lower rib cage and upper shoulder area
•Don’t discharge the stun gun for more than 5 second at a time.
•Shocking the head ,neck and heart area is forbidden .
•Check your local and state regulations to determine if possession of this device is legal in the jurisdiction it is carried in.
•This device is only allowed to be carried by persons in 18 years old.
•in a lawful manner for self defense. Keep away from Children and flammable.

1 review for TW 1801 2 in 1 stun gun

  1. Farkhanda khan

    Amazing taser.
    Same as I aspect .
    Thanks defensive Gadgets, for protect us from evil doer..

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