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A Stun Gun or Taser, also known as a stun gun, is a type of electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt muscle function and cause pain without causing significant injury. Tasers are commonly used by law enforcement officers as a non-lethal method of incapacitating suspects. They are also used by private citizens for self-defense. The electrical current is delivered through two darts or probes that are fired from the device and attached to the target’s clothing or skin. The device can be used as a contact stun gun, or the probes can be fired from a distance of several meters. When the probes make contact with the target, an electrical circuit is completed, which delivers a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical shock that disrupts the target’s muscle function and causes them to experience pain and lose control of their body.
The use of a Taser as a law enforcement tool has been the subject of controversy. Critics argue that Tasers can be lethal, especially if the target has a pre-existing medical condition, or if the Taser is used excessively or improperly. They also argue that Tasers can be used to intimidate or abuse suspect

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