High-Performance Spring-Assisted Knife: The Perfect Automatic Knife in Pakistan

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– Quick open Spring Knife
– Spring Assisted
– Tactical OTF Knife
– Switchblade
– Outdoor Multitool
– Tanto Hunting tools
– Full Length: 23cm
– Blade Length: 7cm
– Blade Thickness: 3mm
– Blade Width: 2.2cm
– Blade Material: 440
– Hardness: 42Hrc
– Net Weight: 90g
– Type: Medium straight out spring knife
– Features: Pocket clip, Back hammer

-ABS Durable Plastic Body

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Swift and Accessible Cutting Power

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and tactical professionals, the high-performance spring-assisted automatic knife in Pakistan offers swift and easy cutting power. Its quick open mechanism and switchblade functionality allow for instant access to the 7cm Tanto-style blade. Crafted from durable 440 stainless steel, this blade delivers exceptional cutting precision, making it effortless to tackle various tasks with efficiency.

Durability for Demanding Adventures

Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, this automatic knife in Pakistan offers impressive durability. With a blade thickness of 3mm and a hardness rating of 42Hrc, it is designed to handle demanding tasks with ease. From cutting through tough materials to preparing campfire kindling, this knife is up to the challenge, providing long-lasting strength and resilience.

Compact and Convenient Everyday Carry

The high-performance spring-assisted knife strikes a perfect balance between functionality and portability. With a total length of 23cm and a lightweight design of only 90g, it is easy to carry on your outdoor excursions. The knife’s ergonomic design and included pocket clip ensure convenient attachment to your gear or clothing, keeping it readily accessible whenever you need it.

Versatile Multitool Functionality

In addition to its cutting prowess, this knife features versatile multitool functionality. Alongside its sharp blade, it is equipped with a back hammer, adding extra utility for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you need to pound tent stakes, break glass in emergencies, or perform other tasks, the back hammer proves invaluable, enhancing the knife’s versatility and practicality.

Caution and Compliance

It is important to exercise caution and adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the possession and use of automatic knives. Prior to purchasing or carrying this knife, ensure compliance with applicable laws in your area. Handle the knife responsibly, follow safety guidelines, and store it securely to prevent unauthorized access, particularly by children.


The high-performance spring-assisted Automatic-Knife in Pakistan offers swift cutting power, durability for demanding adventures, and the convenience of everyday carry. With its versatile multitool functionality and emphasis on safety, it is a reliable companion for your outdoor pursuits. Choose this knife for its simplicity, durability, and the peace of mind that comes from having a trustworthy tool by your side, ready to handle any task that comes your way.

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2 reviews for High-Performance Spring-Assisted Knife: The Perfect Automatic Knife in Pakistan

  1. yawrr

    Excellent automatic knife

  2. Ahmad

    kamaal ki cheez ha behtreen.

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