Defensive foldable Baton.


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Baton for Self Defense

Defend yourself with this baton, which is used by police around the world! It is made of high quality, solid taper lock steel and has a textured steel handle. The weight-forward design allows for maximum kinetic energy transfer. A heavy duty nylon sheath is included and the baton is 18″ overall when fully extended.


High quality carbon steel construction

High tensile spring coil on the two top shafts

Soft foam grip handle

Reproduction of models used by Axis Forces in the Second World War

Extends from 7.7 inches to 18.2 inches with the flick of a wrist

Automatically locks when closed to prevent accidental open

Lanyard attached for easy carry and use

Well-balanced, Fully Flexible, strong collapsible baton

Easy to carry, quick to deploy – extends with flick of the wrist

Provides extra reach between you and the threat

Includes M.O.L.L.E. Belt Baton holder

Fully openable for easy cleaning


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