Stay Safe and Confident with Body Protect Peeper Spray: Your Trusted Self-Defense Solution – DG

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1. Women’s Defense Focus: Tailored self-defense solution for women and men.
2. Convenient Keychain Design: Easy access with a compact size and keychain attachment.
3. Optimal Range: Effective deterrence up to 20ft (13.4oz/380g) and 10ft (7.9oz/225g & 9.2oz/260g).
4. Powerful Capsaicin Formula: 2.0% Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids (OC) for potent defense.
5. Shotgun Blast Pattern: Wide dispersion for increased coverage area.
6. ISO Certified Quality: Manufactured to meet ISO standards for superior reliability.
7. Portable and Handy: Effortlessly carried in bags, pockets, or attached to keys.
8. Ideal for Home Defense: Reliable protection for your home and loved ones.
9. Imported Quality: Ensures high performance and durability.
10. Color Variety: Choose from pink and red options for personal style.

Body Protect Keychain Aerosol: Ultimate Self-Defense Solution for Women & Men.

The Body Protect Pepper Spray Keychain Aerosol has been meticulously designed to cater to the self-defense needs of both women and men, empowering individuals with an effective and convenient means of protection.

– It features a convenient keychain design, ensuring easy access and carrying of the aerosol at all times. The compact size and keychain attachment enable users to have a reliable self-defense tool within arm’s reach whenever needed.

– The Body Protect Keychain Aerosol offers an impressive range. capable of providing effective deterrence up to 25 feet (13.4oz/380g variant) and up to 20 feet (7.9oz/225g & 9.2oz/260g variants). This allows individuals to maintain a safe distance from potential threats.

– Its powerful formula contains 2.0% Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids (OC), derived from chili peppers, known for their potent effects on the sensory system. This formula temporarily incapacitates attackers and causes intense discomfort.

– Manufactured to meet ISO standards, the Body Protect Keychain Aerosol ensures the highest quality and reliability. It undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to strict manufacturing guidelines, as certified by ISO.

– Users can easily carry the aerosol in their bag, pocket, or attach it to their keychain. The portable and versatile design makes it a constant companion, ready to provide personal protection in various situations and environments.

– The Body Protect Keychain Aerosol is an ideal tool for enhancing home defense. Its compact size and powerful formula make it reliable for protecting oneself and loved ones within the safety of the home.

– With attractive pink and red color variants available, the Body Protect Keychain Aerosol not only provides personal safety but also allows users to express their personal style and preferences.


– Wind Considerations: It is important to exercise caution and avoid using the aerosol if the wind is blowing towards you. This will prevent unintended effects and ensure your safety during deployment.

Note: When using any pepper spray or self-defense tool. it is essential to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations. To ensure lawful and responsible use.


8 reviews for Stay Safe and Confident with Body Protect Peeper Spray: Your Trusted Self-Defense Solution – DG

  1. Tahmina Ashraf

    Behtreen ha.

  2. Ayesha maqsood

    Product quality good.
    But color pink ni Baja .

  3. Najeeya Khan

    Really effective!

  4. Huzaifa Usman

    No need to fear… You just have to spray
    Best of all products i ordered… Highly recommended ✨

  5. Maha

    Keep nothing with you but a pepper spray. Effective defensive gadget.

  6. Zum zum

    Reliable seller .I have from it

  7. Zum zum

    Best seller and trustable ,I have buy

  8. Jameela

    Amazing Product as Shown Seem to be highly effective..

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